Saturday, 18 October 2014

Written Aug 2014 - During the Israeli Assualt on Gaza

Rise of anti-semitism in Europe.
Both sides are as bad as each other.
The conflict has gone on for thousands of years.
Its all about religion.
I know Palestinians suffer, but don't Hamas want to destroy Israel?
The political leaders on both sides are to blame.

Im getting sick of this - theres a thousand reasonable sounding arguments like this out there that all say the same thing. 'Go back to sleep, its too complicated, don't get involved, if you get involved you are only going to be making it worse. Its too complicated to understand.'

Its bullshit. This is the subtle edge of propaganda. Its like a lawyer scattering seeds of doubt around a murder case in the hope that just enough of them stick to cast doubt on the conviction. But the subconscious message is always the same 'go back to sleep, don't get involved.'

There is a colonial regime - a relic of Europes past - dispossessing an entire people of its land at the point of a gun and killing anyone who objects. Its not more complicated than that. Stop knotting yourselves up in the dismissive middle class moral dilemmas that the BBC and their like keep throwing out there to muddy the waters. Don't you see how it works for christs sake?

If you solve the underlying problem of the land theft and dispossession all the other problems will evaporate. It won't be perfect - just like south africa and northern ireland - but it can be a whole lot better. In the mean time, stop listening to all this soothing bullshit that quietly tells you not to get involved. These debates are fake. They are a distraction. Focus on campaigning to create a regime in Israel-palestine that considers all human beings equal. And that starts with ending the occupation of the 67 Palestinian Territories

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