Thursday, 23 October 2014

Ok - Serious WAR MONGER scoop - posted on Twitter by a member of Gwynedd council no less!

Why is it up and coming Labour politicians think that they have to out-war-monger Tony Blair if they want to rise through the party? A local councillor for Gwynedd Council - Sion Jones - spat a bloody stupid comment on twitter because he was being faced with comments from his constituents that were pointing out how badly the last attack on Iraq went, and in responce to our anti-war MP - Hywel Williams - making several statements recently urging the government to not bomb the crap out of iraq AGAIN and suggesting they look at recent history instead.

At which point he wrote 'I'd sign our bombs' after having a go at the MP. A member of the 'friends of palestine' group managed to screen grab the record of the conversation. Right...where to start? Deep breath.

Firstly, Pro- and anti- war people should be able to agree that bombing isnt nice. Blasting human being into thousands of tiny pieces is not something your supposed to enjoy unless you are American, or Tony Blair (for whom proffessional help is being sought)

Secondly, as anyone who has seen a war zone can tell you, the idea that we have these super clever bombs that only target bad people - and leave civilians untouched - is complete and utter naive bullshit. Bombing any country results - almost inevitably - in burning men, women and children to death in their own homes. Every western attack on the middle east in the last 15 years - regardless of the reasons for the attack - has had this effect. Thats what Wars do!

Many people who are pro-war admit that there will be civilian casualties but tend to say that this is 'tragic but unavoidable', but only real sicko's and naive morons actually celebrate the dropping of bombs by offering - even as a joke - to sign their names on it. Images of the Israeli settlers sitting on the hill watching the bombs fall on Gaza spring to mind.

But it gets worse. I can't remember where i read it, but im sure i read somewhere that this little burk was going to stand as the Labour candidate for the aseembly for our area! Which, if ive remembered right - would explain why he is trying to out Blair the Tony monster on the bloodlust scale. He just see's this council role as a jumping off point to taking his place among the highest and the greatest of the war mongers in the establishment.

Gwynedd council has just agreed to divest from Israel and many of our local MP's are proudly anti-war. North West Wales has a long tradition of peace activism - i wonder if he even knows where he lives. Oh i forgot, he does now, he deleted the twitter thread. Too late though! :-D Spread both the image and the blog post where ever you like, lets hold him accountable.

[Can't confirm if the feed has been deleted or not - so have removed reference to this]


  1. Arfon Labour Party, Betty Williams (then the local Labour MP) and Albert Owen MP all voted against Iraq. Alun Pugh is also on the record as being against military action in Iraq before it ever took place.

  2. But the modern incarnation of the labour party in Arfon is happily Blairite and war mongering. It may comfort you that past politicians voted against the wars ten years ago, but they are still part of a neoliberal party that will let the US dictate their foreign policy. Labour is dead in Wales, and recent defections to the real left wing party prove that

  3. So do you still think my stance on no immigration from Middle Eastern Muslims is a bad idea now that we have lost lives from one of these cunts..? You know who I am .. Remember me the pissed ozzie redneck... You piece of shit

  4. Don't think you can delete me off Facebook and I won't find you somewhere...!