Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hywel Williams talks immigration in Wales - Not every politician is willing to jump on the bandwagon of scapegoating immigrants for our problems;

"What about Immigration? People have always moved to Wales from all over the world, and within Wales as well, there has been movement. My Grandfather, who used to work down the pit in Tylorstown [for example]. Who here today - or listening at home - would dream of telling the people of Tylorstown 'You're not Welsh'? And Likewise for our new Welsh citizens, who have moved to our great cities, to the West and the coasts - students, teachers and researchers at our universities, caring for us in our hospitals. Gwynfor Evans said, "Anyone can be Welsh as long as your prepared to take the consequences"" (Starts at 7.45 in - but the rest is interesting too)

I despise most politicians, but i find Hywel refreshing. Even if politicians arn't anti-immigrant or pro-war in their hearts, they are scared of speaking out. They know the grip that the media has on public opinion and they worry about their vote at the next election. So they climb right into bed with the devil to preserve their careers.

With that in mind, Hywel Williams does not have a 'safe seat'. For some bizarre reason, there are still about 9 thousand people in Arfon voting Labour, which makes every election a close call.  Yet he stood up and was one of only Forty-Three MP's who was willing to vote against the recent war on Iraq because he believes it is wrong, even though the papers had people braying for blood. The same for attacking immigrantion and immigrants.

An MP who speaks their mind is a rare thing - so we need to keep hold of this one, because not all politicians are the same.

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