Tuesday, 28 October 2014

"We’re going to take those refugees, and we’re going to drown them. "

I wish this headline was an exaggeration, but what the actual fuck is this? The British government has decided to withdraw funding from a service that has stopped 150,000 desperate refugee's from drowning in the Med because pulling them out of the water 'only encourages them'!

The article below illustrates the logic behind this evil all too clearly. But make no mistake, it is evil.

This blog is called 'last days of Rome' for a good reason. We are living in an Empire at the apex of its power. Anglo-Saxon power (Created by the British Empire and succeeded by the US empire) is starting to fail. Our language is the dominant language in the world, our parliamentary, legal, capitalist economic, and military systems have been spread world wide and have been taken up by - or foisted upon - most of the population of the world. But it is now failing.

Our competitors are now stronger than they have been in 200 years, Global warming is reeking havoc and our economies life blood - oil - is running out. These patterns have been seen in history before and that's why i call this blog the 'last days of Rome'. But this article adds a little irony to the bargain.

Not since WW2 have there been more refugees on the move world wide. The third world is literally dieing on its arse due to famines, wars and economic collapses caused by our capitalist economic system. So what is our response? Exactly the same response as Rome, pull up the drawbridge to keep the 'barbarians' out.

The third world is collapsing because of 50 years of big money piracy. Have you ever wondered how a society like ours manages to stay one of the richest in the world even though we don't even make anything to sell anymore?

Withdrawing funding from a service which has been proven to save 150,000 lives - in the last year alone - is tantamount to genocide. Welcome to the last days of Rome people, it will continue to get uglier from this point on.

Well done Dan Hodges from the Telegraph - this is an outstanding article


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  1. Very insightful article Abel..Thanks. I've tweeted it.