Sunday, 19 October 2014

Is Isis the only religous 'state' in the Levant?

***Controversial Idea Alert***

There's ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant) which we hear so much about, but what about JSIL? (Jewish State in the Levant?) Both are racist entities that are bent on using extreme violence against minorities in order to establish their single-religion countries. One is terrorising villages and towns today to drive the minorities out of the country, and the other started doing this nearly 70 years ago when it drove 700,000 Palestinian Christians and Muslims into exile, and continues its intimidation and violence against minorities to this day.
The key difference is that when JSIL was first established in 1948, it received foreign backing with money and arms flowing in to feed its terrorist groups - the 'Irgun and Stern gangs'. Isil however has.......not.........oh. My mistake. Isil has also been receiving huge amounts of money, training and arms from the West via our gulf state proxies (including some funds send directly from the US and UK to 'rebel groups' in Syria).

JSIL's violence today is slow and gradual as its initial wave of ethnic cleansing and massacres in 1948 gave it control of the territory, which meant the urgency of its mission slowed. ISIL however is currently having its 1948 moment where fanaticism is the only way to achieve their impossible vision. Other than that - and im really not trying to be deliberately controversial here - i can't see the difference.

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