Sunday, 19 October 2014

Is Russia still the enemy? Backing an angry bear into a corne

Excellent video here. We keep constantly being fed the narrative that the big, scary Russian Bear is ripping the Ukraine to pieces. Leaving aside the huge amounts of publically accessible evidence that shows that the US state department overthrew the - admittedly corrupt - democratically elected regime in Ukraine (mostly by supporting neo-Nazi groups), history shows that the US has been the aggressor against Russia for 20 years.

When WW2 ended, Europe had been carved in half by the US and Soviet armies. The countries occupied by the US formed the NATO alliance and the countries occupied by the Soviet Union former the 'Warsaw Pact'. Two hostile, imperial alliances facing off along a line - the 'Iron Curtain' - that ran right down the center of Europe from sea to sea. 

The Russian's saw their military control of this regoin as very important because they had faced 5 major invasions from the West of Europe in 200years, the last of which - in the 1940's - killed over 30 million people (5 times more than died in the Holocaust). So when the Soviet Union began to collapse, its new pro-western leader Gorbachev made an agreement with the US that Russian troops would only withdraw from Eastern Europe if Nato did not flood in to take their place. This would create a 'netural zone' between the US based western NATO alliance and Russian territory.

20 years later and the 'defensive' NATO alliance has reached the Russian border, absorbing all but two of the formerly Soviet east European Russian allies. Hundreds of millions of people - and about a thousand miles of new territory - have moved from East to West in what can only be seen as a huge expansion of US and Western control of Europe.

When the situation in the Ukraine is seen in this light - historical context can sometimes be useful - the current stand off starts to make sence. How can the country whose imperial control keeps shrinking be the aggressor and the 'aliance' whose economic and military control continues to expand be the defender? War is peace, hate is love, up is down - Orwell would be banging his head on the desk at our gullibility. This tit of a general even admitts that he knows nothing about history! He actually says it.

The proud Russians are feeling encircled. This is probably because the US led NATO alliance now has troops in over a dozen countries that border - or are very close - to Russian territory. At this stage its important to mention that Russia still has the second largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world.

So back to the 'Russian Bear' analogy. Western civilian populations were once persuaded that the huge and deadly Russian bear was going to rampage through each and every one of their home towns across the US and Europe. Instead, outcompeted for resources and strategic territory, the bear is now tired and old. More importantly, the Bear has been attacked by the hunters that are chasing it 5 times during its lifetime, and it is now trapped in the corner of a single cave whilst the hunters keep getting closer and closer. How do you think it will respond?

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