Saturday, 18 October 2014

Destablisation of the Middle East - a quick glance....

Ive spent the last few hours looking at news reports from across the Middle East on the 'information clearing house' - a source that draws in reports from hundreds of media outlets. The shear scale of what is starting out there is hard to put into words, but basically, EVERYONE is on the move;

- Libya - mystery jets (from god knows where?) continue to bomb the war torn country whilst miitias fight over oil fields.

- Syria - The government army is launching a huge attack on several fronts to take advantage of the fact that the US is bombing its enemies

- Iraq - Isis is trying to surround Badghdad and is launching successful hit and run attacks less than an hour from the capital.

- Turkey - Mobilising troops to send across the border into Syria.

- Qatar, UAE, Saudi - taking part in bombing god knows who in Iraq and Syria.

- Lebanon - Hezbollah stepping up attacks against Sunni groups in Syria along with the Syrian government.

- Yemen - Various media announcing that the Yemeni Capital has fallen to Shia rebels. It may well be that these are only protestors or that it is some sort of uprising. Can't see the Saudi's not invading now

- Theres more in Somalia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sarahan northern Africa as well but my brain can't absorb it at the moment - let alone make coherant observations about it.

To put it in context. A few weeks ago the middle east was right on the brink of a regional civil war and the US started throwing shit loads of bombs into the situation, across a huge area from Baghdad to the med coast. To say this is making the long list of participants on all sides 'frisky for action' is the understatement of the century.

Let me put it another way. Not since the WW2 have so many countries in one area all been at war at the same time. And this is happening in an area where 70% of the worlds oil - the global economies life blood - is pumped from the ground. The amount of alliance making, invasions and military manovers going on is about the same as was happening in Europe in 1939.

Please, forget the damn BBC. Its not that they don't want you to know when something big is happening, its that the various journo's and reporters there don't even have the world view required to imagine that anything could be more important than British mortgage prices. They have been raised in a sheltered little bubble.

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