Saturday, 18 October 2014

A warning from history - Working class life in the UK without Health Care - MUST WATCH

A warning from history - Working class life in the UK without Health Care - MUST WATCH

This is a warning from the past from a man who has lived long enough to remember history. If your not moved to tears by this one then there really is something wrong with you. Its hard to imagine the horrors of poverty that existed in this country before the social state of free health care and social benefits was introduced 69 years ago. Mostly thats because there are few people left alive who were actually there. But the same level of poverty exists today for about half of the worlds population, and in many third world countries its getting worse as populations rise and 'trade restrictions' that protect local resources are relaxed.
And here too, we are slipping back in time. The effects of the gradual privitisation of the NHS, social housing and the welfare state are hard to imagine because, unlike Harry, we weren't there before they were introduced so we can't imagine how bad it was or how bad it could get.

But unlike Harry, i don't think this is a Tory issue. Labour have been happy privitisers for 20 years now. Over the last 40 years the social state has been in gradual decline and all of the main parties at Westminster have accepted a model of market rule where corporations have more rights than individual human beings. Money is the game. The numbers show that we are living through the greatest transferre of wealth - from the majority to the elite - in world history. The thieves Banquet of the Bankers, City traders and Corporate CEO's. The hard won rights and protections of the working class of this country are being erroded into nothing, but instead of looking at the problem and its source, working Brits have been hypnotised by the newspapers into blaming immigrants, the unemployed and the poor for what is happening. By the time we wake up and stop blaming 'Islamocommunism' for this decline in our living standards our children will be living in Harry's world, listing to the screams of cancer paticents too poor to buy morphine and watching as 10 yr old children get 'consumed' by TB.

Anyway, bollox to that, the Great British Bake Off will be on in a min....

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