Saturday, 25 October 2014

Islam; The religion of hate? Lets lay this one to rest shall we...

A growing number of people in the country - and around the world - believe that violence and aggression is at the very heart of the Islamic religion. That it is an inherently war like religion that encourages its followers to attack and kill the people of other religions. And its not surprising that they think this.

Youtube contains dozens, if not hundreds, of video's that show acts of violence carried out in the name of Islam. At the same time, barely a single edition of the BBC news passes by without some mention of arrest of terrorists, Islamic bombings abroad or some other crime carried out by Muslim people in the UK. The evidence is there, anyone and everyone can see it.

BUT! (Needed the capitals) But, but, buuuuuut. What kind of evidence is this? And what is it evidence of? The answer seems obvious, until you think about it. If you showed a collection of these videos, TV news stories and articles to a scientist and asked what the evidence actually proves, they would probably say that it only proves that 'some' people use Islam to justify their violence. If you pushed the matter with them, they would then ask for numbers. Lots of lovely numbers. If you then told them that there were 1.6 billion (1,600,000,000 count them zero's! [the zero was invested by an Arab mathematician BTW]) Muslims in the world, the scientist would then tell you that this evidence means nothing at all. Not a sausage (no joke intended :-) )

Because random evidence is absolutely useless. These videos were published by people who have an agenda and they simply don't represent the vast majority of the 1.6 billion Muslims out there. They show handfuls of individuals and small groups doin horrendous things. That. Is. All.
This 'evidence' does prove two things however.

Firstly, it proves that there is at least a tiny minority of Muslims out there who want to commit violence and use their religion as the excuse to do so. Many of them live in countries that have been bombed and/or destroyed by Western forces in the last 15 years (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza & the West Bank) and their violence tends to be directed towards Western military forces and civilians - funnily enough. Cant think why. But are these people violent because of their religion? Or do they have a political goal for which they are willing to use extreme violence?Kicking us out maybe? Scaring us off, perhaps?

But even though there are only very small numbers out there, these people in the videos are Msulim and they themselves say that they are doing it for their religion. Isnt that enough? If the religion does promote violence, not everyone is going to practise the violence that they are told to because people are a bit crap at following their religions properly. So lets imagine that the vast majority of Muslims are ignoring the instructions of their religion, and that only 1% of them are truly devote enough to do what they believe god has instructed them to do. That would make 16 million Muslims suicide bombers just waiting for the chance to blow themselves up! If that was true, don't you think the various Western occupation forces in the world would be up to their arses in bombers by now?!? And these 16,000,000 bombers would be part of a pretty inefficient and generally crap religion because they would be doing what they're religion tells them to whilst 99% of their brothers disobeyed their own religion.

The logic is there in the numbers guys. 1 in 4 human beings alive today is a Muslim. The world would have destroyed itself several times over if Islam was anything but a religion of peace. In every religion there are nutters who use their religion for violence and manipulation (The holocaust? The KKK?), but even though i am NOT a religious man myself, i have to admit that the back bone message of all of the worlds religions is peace.

Ah, but, secondly. Nearly forgot secondly. Which is bad, because its good. This collection of evidence in the media and on the Internet goes to prove that there are people out there WHO WANT YOU TO BELIEVE THAT ISLAM IS INHERENTLY VIOLENT, and they are willing to focus huge amounts of money, time and energy on creating this image. They find every single isolated case of violence and use the modern broadcast networks to blast each and every image into every home in the country. Have you ever noticed on the BBC, that when a Muslim commits a crime or act of violence, their religion is mentioned, but never the other way round? When did you last hear the headline 'A Taxi drive was arrested for killing a prostitute in East London yesterday, it is believed he was a christian'? No, ive never heard that either. But im sure a few of the murderers in this country have been christened. 

The media just drips with racism. Four major paedophile rings have been discovered in this country in the last few years. One in the Catholic Church, one in the media, one in the Westminster establishment and one in Rochdale. Which one mentioned the ethnicity of the offenders? Rochdale 'It is believed that many of the perpetrators are of Pakistani ethnic origin'!? How often did the BBC labour the point that Jimi Saville was of a white, christian background? They didn't because its not bloody relevant! Do they keep telling us again and again what countries the various abusive catholic priests were born in? NO, because that's not bloody relevant either.

Every time a Muslim commits a crime his religion and race is mentioned in the report. Listen for it on the BBC news, its there nearly every day. There are 1.800,000 British Muslims, there will always be violent crimes among any group of 1.8 million people, but by focusing on each and every one of them it is possible to create a false perception. Its like a drip, drip, drip into our subconcious minds. People now believe that Muslims are evil deep down inside. Every time they hear the words 'Muslim' or 'Islam' on the media they always have a negative attached. Something horrible and emtionally disturbing. This technique of propaganda has been tried and tested on human beings. It works very effectively. Why do you think advertisers spend billions getting you to buy their products? Drip, drip, drip. An episode of the news never goes by without a negative mention of Muslims these days, its like poison for the soul and it does not reflect reality.

Every government in history has tried to create the impression that its enemies are evil and dangerous. Thats what governments do, how do you think they persuade basically decent human beings to kill each other? De-humanisation. The enemy is not human. He's a Muslim, or a Commie or a Crout. But never a human.

And after a while, the propaganda becomes self producing. The idea that a certain group of people are either inherently violent, or inherently evil starts to sink into the subconcious of the whole population. Then it becomes something that sells! Enter money and greed, stage left! Yes Islamophobia sells newspapers. The newspaper owners don't work for the government, they don't have to. They are after money and power, they know we are at war, they know war creates hatred and they know hatred sells newspapers. So they fan the flames! "Ooooh look at this guy, he has a hook instead of a hand! Just like a James Bond villian, put him and his immigration case on the front of every single f**king paper for the next 12 years!" (Only for him to be eventually deported to Jordan where charges against him were dropped. Sigh....)

Anyway, thats enough of me. This rant was inspired by the wonderful Mehdi Hassan in this fantastic video below. One of the most passionate, articulate speeches ive ever heard.The man has real energy.

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