Monday, 20 October 2014

This is not territory i usually venture into.....buuuut, abortion. (Please don't throw rocks at me!)

The article in the link puts a very contentious and emotive issue into the social and historical context that it deserves. It by-passes most of the moral bullshit and goes right to the nerve of the issue. An American friend of mine posted this article, which i think is very pragmatic and sensible. But NOT ONE of the commentors agreed with him or the article, and i don't think it got a single 'like'. Sorry America, but your world view is pretty fucked.... 'Land of the free' my arse

Abortion. Its an issue of wealth and poverty, of class and status, of population and resources, of misery and freedom, of self control and dignity. Only once these areas have been dealt with should the discussion move to the abstract moral concepts that the whole 'debate' nearly always gets struck in. Its amazing how utterly bollox filled most conversations on this topic are.

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