Saturday, 18 October 2014

Silent nuclear war in Fallujah - Is Isis born of a genocide?

Fallujah is in the Isis controlled area of Iraq - and people are still struggling to work out why the people of the region offer such support to the group. After all, what could possibly traumatise a people so much that their desperation leads them to back a group like Isis?

How about taking one small city, laying siege to it for months and then blanket bombing the entire population with the chemical weapon white phosphorus and depleted uranium? The birth defects, genetic mutations and cancer rates that are all skyrocketing in this part of Iraq are the only explanation we need for the radicalisation of these people. While our media was bombarding us with bullshit arguments about 'liberating' Iraq, the Americans were unleashing a radioactive and chemical attack of such severity that its effects are like a slowly unrolling genocide that will kill and deform the children and unborn of that land for generations to come.
Everytime you hear some bullshit public school debate on the BBC about the origins of Isis and their savagery - a debate which will probably leave out the allied destruction of Iraq altogether - please remind yourself of the word 'Fallujah' and all of a sudden it will all seem to make a lot more sense.

Link to 'The Independent' Artilce on Fallujah - "Toxic legacy of US assault on Fallujah 'worse than Hiroshima'"

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