Saturday, 18 October 2014

Isis is slaughtering the Kurds of Konbani - whilst Turkey and the West watch

Very dodgy. Even a mainstream US TV host is willing to admit that the US military is happy to let Isis destoy a Kurdish town on the Syrian Turkish border. They can see the tanks, they know where they are, and they certainly have the availible fire power (note how the entire Iraqi army was destroyed by US forces in a matter of days during the US/UK invasion of 2003) but a rag tag group of militants are allowed to drive tanks openly through the desert - with no air support - towards a Kurdish town without being blown into a billion pieces?
This is because the town is Kurdish. The Kurdish people are the largest stateless people in the world. They live in a huge area that crosses the Syrian, Iraqi, Turkish and Iranian borders and in the 1920's it was agreed that they would have a state. But because they recieved no western backing the lands of this new state were dismembered by their neighbours and now it seems everyone in the region has a slice of Kurdistan. The largest piece is in Turkey, where the Turks have been waging a war of oppression against their Kurdish population virtually since day one in the 20's.

So on the one hand we have US airpower that could push ISIS away from the Kurdish town of Kobani without breaking a sweat and on the other the Turkish army - the largest land army in Nato - sitting just across the border (literally 1 mile away from the border town) and doing f**k all while the people of Kobani get slaughtered.

In other words, the Turks are happy as larry to see the Kurdish resistance get slaughtered in Konbani and have told the US that the only way they are willing to join the alliance is if they let this happen. If the US was really concerned about ISIS in anyway, it would tell Turkey to go and f**k themselves and help the people of Konbani. But this is not about ISIS. It never has been. The US is interested in destablising this region. They are perfectly happy for the Kurds to be slaughtered and for the Syrian and Iraqi regimes to fall to pieces.

Conquering a territory to hold it is only one reason to invade a place. Type 'scorched earth wiki' into google and see what comes up. A lot of wars in history have been fought to destroy an area and deny the enemy of its resources, Every single action taken in the middle east over the last 15 years has gradually made the place a more and more ungovernable and unstable nightmare than the last. We don't give a damn about the people in the middle east and we don't even give a damn about controlling its resources. What is more important to us it to see that those resources stay out of Iranian-Russian-Chinese hands. End of.

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