Saturday, 18 October 2014

An amazing Tune can carry an important message - 'We are all the same'

I was forced to disown a cousin the other day who said that i was a traitor for thinking of these people as human beings and for marrying 'from the wrong side'. But how can i not see them as human? Here in this stunning and moving music video an Iraqi-Canadian and Palestinian-Londoner bring us hundreds of images of beautiful human beings from across the Arab and Muslim world.

Its people Vs power - not culture Vs culture or religion Vs religion - We are slipping into very dark days here in the West. We all need to make an effort to learn about those who appear different from us, because ignorance and misunderstanding can lead to fear, and fear always leads to blood.
i would also like to apologise to the people of Iraq for our 5th military attack on their oil rich and ancient land in 100 years. It doesn't really mean much but its from the heart. Im not a religous man but i know we are all brothers and sisters and we can see this fact in the face of any human being if we just open our eyes, Hamdulillah

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